Why We Started in Park Slope

Location, location, location, and love ❤


We started in Park Slope, Brooklyn for lots of reasons!

Park Slope is all about community. There is the Park Slope Food Coop, one of the oldest and largest food co-ops in the world. There are close-knit networks of parents and a ton of self-organizing, e.g., meet-ups in Prospect Park.

The neighborhood also happens to have a large number of co-owned multi-family properties. We think these buildings are special because of the responsibility that is spread across the co-owners and the significant impact the building conditions and finances have on them. Park Slope is actually home to over 400 of these co-owned buildings organized as co-ops and many more organized as condos!

Many of these Park Slope buildings were built over 100 years ago and accordingly face significant challenges. A number of these properties started out as single family homes and then were converted into the present day condos and co-ops. The City is continually adding to and modifying existing building regulations. Environmental shifts are requiring these buildings to stand-up to increased wind and water, challenges they were not built for. Not to mention the pandemic, which has caused all of us to reevaluate our homes and space. These buildings have been through a lot, and more and more is being asked of them every day. Many are in need of repairs, and many more could use upgrades that would help increase enjoyment of co-owners, as well as the value of each unit in the building.

Space and time are important to everyone, and people in New York tend to not have a lot of either. We built Parapet to help people maximize their time in the building and the financial value of the building. We chose Park Slope because of the amount of buildings that face similar problems and are of similar size. The historic nature of the buildings, the complex regulations and changing environment make it all the more important that the building finances are in order. Plus, we live there too. ❤

We want you to be prepared for the next roof replacement or boiler repair. We want you to be able to convert that roof, backyard, or basement into something you could really use. We want to help you easily afford that new video security system. If you think you could use a helping hand with your property’s finances or you just want to double check that everything is in order, reach out or sign-up!

If you live in a condo or co-op in NYC, let us know!

Email me at nate@parapetapp.com.

Or to sign-up for our early access program, visit https://parapetapp.com/.



Parapet | Nate Krinsky Co-Founder and CEO

Buildings save with Parapet. Parapet is a company built to help condo and co-op owners save money, time, and sanity while increasing property values.