Remember to file your Cooperative and Condominium Tax Abatements!

Friendly reminder, if you live in a NYC co-op or condo, you could save $1,000’s by submitting a simple filing to the city with information about your building by February 15.

It could mean saving up to 28% on your building’s property tax bill.

At no cost, we will prepare the filing for submission to the NYC Department of Finance.

If you live in a condo or co-op in NYC and would like some help, or curious what we’re up to, let us know!

Please email me at

Or to sign-up for our early access program, visit

For a full list of qualifications and exclusions or if you would like to try to submit on your own, please check out the City’s site here:

Parapet | Nate Krinsky Co-Founder and CEO

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