Introducing Parapet: Built for Buildings to Save


We started Parapet to help buildings save. We do this by providing modern financial services tailored to condo and co-op buildings.

Owning real estate can be complicated anywhere, but is especially difficult in places like New York where there are a ton of regulations and confusing property tax rules. Add to all of this the condo and co-op ownership structure where responsibilities, including management of the finances, are shared across co-owners, it is no surprise that the condos and co-ops often miss out on opportunities to optimize their financial situation.

Parapet is here to help simplify building finances and save you money, time, and sanity.

Buildings that onboard with Parapet report:

  • Lower monthly maintenance fees and dues;
  • Higher apartment values;
  • Accurate, accessible, and up-to-date financials; and
  • Insights on how to improve the building.

Here at Parapet we understand what it’s like to live in a self-managed, community building. We live in these buildings in Brooklyn! We know that most of you are not real estate experts. You’re doctors, artists, teachers, finance professionals, and other great stuff! Nevertheless, we want you and other co-owners to maximize the utility of the building and increase the value of all of the units as if you were professional real estate investors. Parapet’s software allows co-owners to optimize the building’s finances and increase building and unit value.

Parapet’s offering is straightforward: connect your building’s bank account and Parapet will analyze your building’s finances, identify opportunities to save money and improve the building’s financial position. Without any work on the part of the treasurer or other co-owners, Parapet is able to open up the building’s finances and provide assurance for all that everything is on track or help chart a better course!

If you live in a condo or co-op in NYC, let us know!

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Parapet | Nate Krinsky Co-Founder and CEO

Buildings save with Parapet. Parapet is a company built to help condo and co-op owners save money, time, and sanity while increasing property values.